The Shepherd Calls

A voice calls out, trying to get your attention but you are unable to hear

For the noises around you are drowning it out

It is an unfamiliar voice…Wait…there it goes again

There is so much going on, it is like you standing in the center of Times Square

The beeping, the honking, the yelling, the screaming, the …talking

So many sounds, so much calamity but, wait…there it goes again

Maybe, if I move, I can figure out what it is

Maybe I can figure out what it is saying

In a desperate state of confusion, you begin to head NORTH, searching

You are hoping to settle all the noises around you and gain some sense of Peace

You are Hoping to hear, more clearly, this voice that you have seldom heard before

Pushing your way through everyone on the “street” you make your way along this journey

You are not quite sure how long it will take you by foot but you are determined to make your way

THIRTEEN “minutes” later you have traveled about  . 6 “miles” of what felt like hell and you find yourself at the border of Central Park

The voice is louder and the sounds from before have become more drowned out but, your confused

Maybe, just maybe, if you go a little deeper within, the voice would become even clearer

So you decide to take a longer walk, hoping to find a greater sense of peace

So, about .4 miles in and 8 minutes later you find yourself at Sheep Meadow

Tired, you sit BUT you notice something

It’s quiet, away from the calamity you heard in Times Square

There is Peace but wait…what’s that?

The voice, you heard before.  There it is again but now, it is clear

No longer is the voice drowned out by all the noise

The voice is the primary sound; the ONLY sound you hear

FINALLY, you can hear.  Finally, where the sheep would come to graze, here in the meadow

You can hear Your SHEPHERD

It is a NEW BEGINNING and when you leave, from this place, your life will never be the same



This is truly a symbolic yet prophetic piece.  Numbers in the Bible have meanings and it is no coincidence that as God gave this to me, the directions, miles, and times all pointed to a certain place.

Here is a key to help you:

  1. Times Square, Central Park, and Sheep Meadow in Central Park are real places
  2. The number 8 is the number of new beginning
  3. The number 4 is the number of creation/material completeness. Used also in giving meaning to the seasons or an appointed time
  4. The number 6 the number of incompleteness, also associated with satan
  5. The number 13, is symbolic of rebellion and lawlessness.