Walk With God

How can you have an encounter and continued walk with God yet your view…your perspective remains unchanged?

As you continue to walk your journey through life, you will witness, experience, and encounter different people and opportunities. Sometimes you will miss certain opportunities and connections because you are accustomed to seeing things a certain way. Your thoughts and views are limited based on what you have been trained to see or have trained your eyes and heart to see. It is difficult to see people for who they really are because we see through our eyes and not the eyes of God. So if there is an opportunity to connect and achieve great things, you will pass them by.

BUT when you have had an encounter with God, your life changes and continues to do so as you continue to walk with Him.

A transformation happens as you are cleansed, draw closer, get to know Him, worship Him, and establish a true CONNECTION with Him.
Through this transformation, there is no way you should continue to see things as they were before. There is no way you should encounter people as you have before.

Your connection should allow you to see as HE sees. Looking at the world, experiences, and encounters with others should become new as you see through the heart and eyes of The Father.

You no longer disregard what is different but you began to embraces differences understanding that differences are just the uniqueness of people.

These unique characteristics allow you to connect with someone who has that which you were lacking. You begin to build connections and relationships that will accomplish greater things than you were able to accomplish when soley connected with those who were LIKE you.

Christ came to redeem us all so why do we disregard those with differences? Why do we miss opportunities for greatness?Why are we always looking for more but never find it? Because we fail to become changed…transformed and walk through life with God, seeing the world as He does.

Draw closer…make the connection…Let Him wash away your old ways and TAKE on the heart of God. Walk with Him daily and SEE how your life changes.