Reflections of Connections: What I Learned From My Uncles (part 2)

It is easy to trust God when everything in life is going great. The true test of your trust comes when we are faced with challenges beyond our comprehension.

Thankfully, God gave me an example to follow in learning what it means to TRUST GOD. He gave me Uncle E.

As a child, I wanted so badly to learn more about God, perhaps, more than what most people were aware of. I would run behind cousins, who went to church, just so I could go with them.

I remember sitting in a “youth group” and watching Uncle E teach these young people. He stood tall and confident and just had a way of communicating with these young people that I admired. You know, sometimes, the older generation could have a way of talking to/teaching the younger generation that does not always come off well. Sometimes, even when they may not intend to, they can be a little…well, belittling. Not Uncle E, he connected with these young people and captivated their attention.

Periodically, over the years, I would find myself in conversations with Uncle E and these conversations would leave me lifelong lessons.

Once, as I was going through a tough time and had a lot of questions, it was Uncle E that introduced me to the Book of Job. It was one of his favorites and later would become one of mine, as well.

I admit, at first, I did not get it. Like many, all I could think was, “Man, Job went through so much!” “Why did he have to endure so much?” Job, a faithful servant, seemed to have lost everything and everyone around him. People seemed to turn on Job as they did not understand how he stayed so faithful and trusting of a God that made him suffer. Some tried to give reasons why he suffered the way he did as if Job did something wrong. There were times, in which Job even cried out to God, trying to make sense of it all. Yet, in everything Job declares, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him; but I will maintain mine own ways before Him.” (Job 13:15 KJV)

This is undeniable faith to trust in God, no matter what it looks like.

I have watched (even from a distance) my uncle battle challenges that most could or would not comprehend. In everything he has faced and continues to face, the one thing that has not changed is his example of Trusting God.

When it seems like all hope is lost or when some just do not understand, he has trusted GOD, just as Job did.

See, it is one thing to read about stories of Trust in the midst of trials, yet it is another to witness it in real life. These real-life examples are those that stick with you the most. These examples allow you to see the God you read about and these examples are sometimes, what we need to strengthen our own walk/relationship with God.

As an adult, I too, have been faced with my own trials. Sometimes, it has felt like I have lost everything and everyone. Sometimes, it appears that no one really understands but one thing is for certain, in everything, I continue to TRUST GOD.

When things fall apart or it seems there is no hope, I still trust God. When others come like “friends of Job” to suggest a plan B or to quit, I say NO, I will trust God. Even when I do not understand, I TRUST GOD.

Is this not what God wants of us, to just trust Him? Not just trust Him when life is full of sunshine and roses but to do so when the clouds are gray?

We say that we trust God with all our heart and soul but when the road gets tough, how often are you ready to bail? Ready to figure out your own plan? Ready to go your separate way and curse God?

For me, no matter how many times, I get knocked down or the road gets too tough to bear, I will trust God. No one or nothing can change that because when some gave up hope and I carried on, He always brought me through and greater than I ever expected.

I cannot say I would have never learned to trust God by just reading Job. I can say that despite all my uncle has endured, I am grateful that by watching him, He has taught me what it truly means to Trust God, a life lesson I will never forget.

It is interesting, that watching him teach, when I was young and how he continued to encounter young people, I too would later grow to do the same. God has given me a heart for the younger generation. Teaching them, helping them grow, and leading them to become who God has called them to be for the generations still to come.

Connections are important. God places people in our lives for reasons but we often do not take the time to reflect on our connections. What are we learning from those God has connected us with? What does He want us to see and learn from them?

Thanks to Uncle E, I learned to Trust God and the importance of connecting with a younger generation to lead them.

Job is still one of my favorites but now I read it with a different perspective.

What are you learning from your connections? I challenge you today, to sit and reflect. Do you have an example of someone who demonstrated what it means to TRUST GOD?

What can you take away from someone else’s life to help you with your own walk or journey with God?


You are welcome to share your thoughts