Pieces of a dream

All fitting together

Like that of a puzzle

Piece by piece, you hunt to find

The parts that fit together perfectly

To create that perfect picture you had in your mind


Starting with all the edges

You seek to perfectly align them together

Creating the framework for this future masterpiece


The framework…yes it is tough but manageable

Once you find your groove, the rest becomes easy

Or so it seems

Now the test…the BIG picture

There are so many more pieces


How do you begin, where do you begin

It automatically seems overwhelming

It seems there is no end


You take a step back

You take a deep breath

You go back to the picture in your mind

There is an end to this madness

You realize it is more manageable than you realized

The key is to take things one step at a time


You gird up your loins

Get yourself together

And again, you take the dive

To begin to see and find

The pieces that fit together

One at a time


Just like the framework

It starts off slow

But the more you move

The more you find your grove


You begin to see the fruits of your labor

The picture is coming together

All that you dreamed and hoped for

Is now at your front door


Pieces of a dream are no longer in your mind

The BIG PICTURE is right before your very eyes!!

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