A cry goes out for this country
That God would extend His grace and mercy
But we cannot receive what we reject
For we got just what we reflect

When we look in the mirror, what do we see
A country of citizens that reflect power and greed

Mercy we want but mercy we do not give
Anger, bitterness, strife and division is where our hearts live

Never do we agree on anything
Not even what is dividing this land

United we stand we say
But divided we are falling
Fighting amongst ourselves
How can we guard from others that shall attack from this world

Generations of races killing one another
No one referring to another as sister or brother

Taking advantage of our weakness, other will
Looking for opportunities to strike and kill

At some point we must come together and agree
That this land is still full of opportunities
Opportunity for our next generation to thrive and live freely
But we must stop raising them to be so angry

Instilling our prejudices in their mind and their hearts
When will we stop teaching them that we are better living apart

When will we truly teach them to reflect God from the inside
Rather than like us when we cried:
We want a king

He said, I shall give you what you reflect
I shall give you what your hearts detect

I shall send you a king based on what you hold inside
Now, you have your king…you have number 45

When the reign is over, what shall you do
Will you continue to fight, kill and argue

Many fled here seeking freedom, peace and prosperity
Yet you fight constantly over who truly gets to live free

When the time comes when he is dethroned
Will you all be ready to come home
Back to Me is where your hearts must turn
Or will you let your so-called great nation continue to burn

Or will you find a way to make peace in this land
For all this fighting among you , I cannot stand
The choice is your own
Either way, I AM coming for my throne

The generations to come shall not suffer for your choices
They shall not pay for the generations lost
This is not a price that they shall pay the cost

For I entrusted them to you to raise
They are your gifts to bring up in MY way
Not to do with them as you please
Failing them in every way
Leaving them with no future and no sense of hope
You have been strangling them with your hate and bitterness rope

But freedom is what I have come to give
For with ME they shall live
All that you ever thought that you will see
They shall truly have all with ME

This generation will not be lost
For I sent my Son to pay the cost
New hopes, new dreams, new visions they shall see
A life of love, freedom, liberty and prosperity they shall receive

So you can have your 45
BUT as for the Joshua Generation, THEY SHALL RISE