Cutting Cords

FREEDOM is not ageist or sexist

FREEDOM is not for one race and not for another

FREEDOM is for EVERYONE and ANYONE who wants it


The price for freedom has been paid already.  It’s FREE.  It’s yours for the taking

BUT the question is do you want it?

Too many are trapped in their own mind.  Limiting yourself on what you can/cannot do

What you can/cannot have

Therefore, you are unhappy but you have created this LIFE inside your mind that is contrary to reality because dealing with TRUTH may hurt too much.

But here is TRUTH:

Your fantasy world…the lie you live is what’s actually killing you

The lies that you are ok, you’re better off alone

The lies that it’s everyone else and not you

The lie that you have no responsibility for anything and you should just always play the victim role

The lie of I’m just a caretaker when the truth is you can’t face your own pain so you go and deal with someone else’s

These are like cords, wrapped around you, choking you.  The more you keep living these lies, the tighter the cords pull, cutting off your circulation.  Cutting off your blood supply, cutting off your air supply…cutting off your Life.

This is why the longer you live in these lies, the longer you stay bound by these issues, your world becomes darker and darker

Why are you crying or frowning more than smiling and laughing?

Why does it seem like things just won’t come together or stay together?

If a person is choking, meaning they cannot breathe, you would not begin to blow air into them thinking it would sustain them without first removing the object that was blocking the airway, right?

So, if you have things that you wonder why they may come together but will not stay together, it is because there is something in the way blocking the ability for life to sustain.  BUT are you willing to have some serious truthful moments?

Are you ready to sit and have the bandages ripped off to expose these wounds that have never healed?

Are you ready to embrace some discomfort, for a LIFETIME of Joy, PEACE, and FREEDOM?

No matter where you are in life, The Father wants you FREE.  Christ came so that we could be FREE

He sits with the Father and intercedes for us as He has felt the pain that we endure.  He does not want us to live in pain, He does not want His people hurting.  He wants them to LIVE their best life.

There is a greater purpose for your life but you will never discover what that is as long as you remain captive

What is even more special, is that there are others connected to your purpose that you are not even aware of

If you are one of those who thinks you are taking care of people in your brokenness, just imagine the impact you will have once you are truly FREE.

Today is not the day to be defensive.  It is not the day to be self-righteous and thinking you are perfect

Today is the day to make a choice.  Will you choose to:

  •  Begin to rip off the bandages, exposing those wounds and begin to properly care for them or try to act as if they are not there
  •  Cut Cord and get free or allow those cords to cut off your life
  •  Live Free or Die in Captivity